The Latest on 3D Printed Fashion

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Nervous Systems is doing some pretty cool things with 3D printing. Check it out.

The Next Industrial Revolution…

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Many of you may have been wondering why I haven’t been posting recently. Well, I have been setting up and running a 3D printing lab in San Francisco. Definitely not as easy as it sounds, but it is rewarding. As such, my blog will take a bit of a turn and concentrate a bit more on 3D printing for the near future.

One of the first things I wanted to share with you is this article someone sent to me. It really does a nice job of explaining scope of the impact that 3D printing will and is having on both the economy and on our future:

[Link to Article]



Spiral Stair by Patrick Jouin [Inspirational Reference]

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This stair reminds me a bit of the Spiral Stair by Wes McGee from Design Matter
[see previous post]

P.A.D.S. _ Pneumatically Actuated Deployable Structures [Recent work]

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Here some of the photos of the recent project. More to follow soon. Also look for it on

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Designed and Fabricated by Jeremy Luebker Andrea Springer

3D printed bricks…

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Matthias Pliessnig [Designer Reference]

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Matthias Pliessnig is an acclaimed furniture designer based in Philadelphia[1] whose work uses steam bent wood. His style is “kinetically contemporary” and he uses “computer-aided curves with laborious craftsmanship” to handcraft chairs and benches.[2]


See more of his work at

Extruded Plastic-Fabric Composite Panel System Final Fabrication [photo shoot]

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Here are the long awaited photos of the final production of this past year’s research.

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